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Atwood’s poetry collection to be published in November

By A Correspondent By turns moving, playful and wise, these poems are about absences and endings, ageing and retrospection, but also about gifts and renewals. They explore bodies and minds in transition, as well as the everyday objects and rituals that embed us in the present. Werewolves, sirens, aliens and dreams make their appearance, as

I Saw Myself: Poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

Editor | Poetry Travelling into the stark deserts of Kutch, I Saw Myself explores the contemporary presence of epic love legends of the region, such as Sohini-Mehar and Sasui-Punhu, brought to throbbing verse by the powerful eighteenth-century Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. As the authors travel to villages to meet folk singers and lovers

Kaifi Azmi: Poems | Nazms

Editor | Poetry Kaifi Azmi: Poems | Nazms: New & Selected Translations is a perfect gift and homage to the great poet’s 100th birth centenary celebrations. This specially curated volume contains 50 carefully chosen poems from his lifetime’s immense oeuvre. It brings together some of the finest translators, poets, scholars, filmmakers — Husain Mir Ali,

Kaifiyat: A bunch of Kaifi Azmi’s most exquisite poems

Editor | Poetry Rakhshanda Jalil’s Kaifiyat is a stunning new translation of Kaifi Azmi’s most exquisite poems that also contain insightful trivia about his life and legacy. Kaifi Azmi’s literary legacy remains a bright star in the firmament of Urdu poetry. His poetic temperament—ranging from timeless lyrics in films like Kagaz Ke Phool to soaring