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Salar Jung, the Magnificent Diwan who ushered Hyderabad into modern era

Editor | Non-fiction The Magnificent Diwan is the definitive biography of arguably India’s most influential and powerful statesman of the nineteenth century. Drawing on extensive archival material, this is a compelling account of the life and times of a remarkable Indian who, as diwan or prime minister, decisively shaped Hyderabad’s political and economic history for

How the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet into India

Editor | Non-fiction In 1959, the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet into India, where he was granted refuge. Few know about the carefully calibrated operation to escort him safely from the Indian border. An Officer and His Holiness narrates how political officer Har Mander Singh successfully managed this assignment in the North East Frontier Agency

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev explains the inside story of Death

By A Correspondent New Delhi: Penguin Random House India has announced the acquisition of a book on death by spiritual master and bestselling author, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, titled Death: An Inside Story. In this book, the founder of the Isha Foundation – a non-profit, spiritual organization – is going to demystify death and its many

A Pinch of Salt in the Recipe Called Life

Editor | Non-fiction How should you decode change and disruption to differentiate yourself from others? How can you enjoy and learn from the grilling, baking, frying and boiling as we create our recipe of life? How can you understand and appreciate relationships better? How will you cope with a life that’s like a moving treadmill?

Made in India, the Milind Soman story

Editor | Non-fiction There’s more to Milind Soman than meets the eye (although, as his legions of female fans will agree, what meets the eye is pretty delish). Combining in himself the passion of an entrepreneur, the mind of a nerd, the discipline of an athlete, the curiosity of an explorer, the heart of a

Bahawalpur: The Kingdom that Vanished

Editor |History From the microcosm of Bahawalpur, this account helps to join the dots of a more coherent view of the macrocosm of Pakistan and queries the future route of the Islamic State. In the seventy or so years since Independence, much less has been written about the Princely States which acceded to Pakistan than

Ambedkar’s Preamble: A Secret History of the Constitution of India

Editor | Non-fiction On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India was adopted formally and came into effect. Its preamble set out in brief the enlightened values it enshrined and hoped to engender. In a radical shift from mainstream constitutional history, this book establishes Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s irrefutable authorship of the preamble by uncovering the