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What explains Virat Kohli’s and India’s success?

By John Cheeran As the year ends, there is little doubt that India, Virat Kohli’s India, that is, is the best cricket team out there. And the loudest heard question in 2018, is this the best Indian team ever, has been answered, substantially, if not fully, in Australia; in Adelaide and Melbourne. All credit to

Did KL Rahul and M Vijay cost India Perth Test?

By John Cheeran For a fact, it is astounding that after two Tests, India is not trailing but on level terms with Australia in Australia. Doesn’t that feel good? India may have lost Perth Test by a big margin, 143 runs, but not many can blame them for lack of trying. But what then contributed

Australia keeps its Head intact, but is hit all over by India

India 250; Australia 191/7 in Adelaide By John Cheeran Friday was a difficult day for storytellers at Adelaide. For a long time, they would not know where the story would take them. In the end, Australia has kept its head intact, but Indian bowlers have combined well to deliver telling body blows to it, so

What if Kohli and India do not win against Aussies?

By John Cheeran Virat Kohli is important for India not merely because he scores runs when the team needs them but what he represents, what does off the field. He is a prolific run-gatherer. He is also a great communicator even though his message sometimes leaves sane-minded people cringing and looking for cover as when