Day: April 8, 2019

Books For You | Outcaste (Brushte) by Matampu Kunhukuttan

Editor | Fiction Outcaste ( Brushte in the original Malayalam) is a powerful story of the revenge a single woman named Paptikutty wreaks on her community for the monstrous injustice done to her. It is based on the 1905 trial of a Namboodiri woman for adultery and the revenge she exacted her sixty-four lovers, who

Books For You | Writing Badly Is Easy, says Amitava Kumar

Editor | Non-fiction When Lord Macaulay introduced English as the instrument of education in India, he also bequeathed to us a legacy of language-use that is often stiff and bureaucratic. This awkwardness plagues academic, journalistic, legal, even creative writing in India. You fail as a writer if your writing is not concrete, if it is