Day: January 16, 2019

How to Get Published in India?

Editor | Non-fiction How to Get Published in India is India’s first and only comprehensive book on writing, publishing and selling a book. This one-stop source is an essential guide for anyone who wants to get published, no matter what they are writing. Packed with publishing secrets, writing tips and marketing hacks, the book touches

The Ultimate Memory Handbook for Students

Editor | Non-fiction An easy and practical guide to improving memory, The Ultimate Memory Handbook (Rs 250) is written by well-known authors Aditi and Sudhir Singhal. The book is especially curated for students and will help them ace their curriculum through some ultimate memory enhancing tips and techniques. With over 300 examples from the present

In the City a Mirror Wandering

  Editor | Fiction Unfolding over the course of a single day, Ashk’s sweeping sequel to Falling Walls explores the inner struggles of Chetan, an aspiring young writer, as he roams the labyrinthine streets of 1930s’ Jalandhar, haunted by his thwarted ambitions but intent on fulfilling his dreams. Married to a woman he does not