Day: October 9, 2018

Books For You: The Economics of Religion in India | Sriya Iyer

Editor | Non-Fiction Religion has not been a popular target for economic analysis. Yet the tools of economics can offer deep insights into how religious groups compete, deliver social services, and reach out to potential converts-how, in daily life, religions nurture and deploy market power. Sriya Iyer puts these tools to use in an expansive,

The Upside-Down King: Unusual Tales about Rama and Krishna

Editor | Fiction Did you know there was a time when bears spoke, the moon laughed and babies were found inside fish? Have you heard of the two-horned sage who had never seen a woman in his life? Did you know Ravana’s half-brother was the god of wealth? Have you ever seen a man with

Driving Digital Strategy: A Guide To Reimagining Your Business

Editor | Non-Fiction Digital transformation is no longer news–it’s a necessity. Despite the widespread threat of disruption, many large companies in traditional industries have succeeded at digitizing their businesses in truly transformative ways. The New York Times, formerly a bastion of traditional media, has created a thriving digital product behind a carefully designed paywall. Best