In Road to Mekong, Piya Bahadur recounts the awesome trip through southeast Asia

Editor | Non-fiction For fifty-six days, four women left their ‘regular lives’, homes, families and comfort, to ride their motorbikes through scenic landscapes, inhospitable terrain and diverse communities. In this process, they covered 17,000 kilometres and rode through six countries. What inspired them to follow this dangerous, and at times maddening, adventure trail? In Road

Uparwali Chai, the cookbook for this holiday season

Editor | Food In her new book, Pamela Timms reveals all her secrets to over 100 original dishes inspired by Indian ingredients and tailored to suit the desi kitchen. From Saffron and Chocolate Macarons to Apricot and Jaggery Upside Down Cake, from Nan Khatai and Spiced Date, Jaggery and Walnut Scones to Rooh Afza Layer

Taran Khan traces her steps in Shadow City: A Woman Walks Kabul

Editor | Non-fiction When Indian journalist Taran Khan arrives in Kabul in 2006, she imagines it as a return to the land her forebears hailed from centuries ago. It is a city both familiar and unknown. She finds an unexpected guide in her grandfather who – despite never visiting the city – knows it intimately

Tanu Shree’s Darkless will prepare kids for their tryst with destiny

Edition | Children’s Books A superbly illustrated picture book with a bittersweet message of loss, hope and love, Darkless is a perfect conversation-starter to broach difficult subjects such as death, cancer, loss and grief in the family. The book highlights the importance of loving family and friends and the need to accept sadness as a

The Panama Papers: The Untold India Story

Editor | Non-fiction An anonymous whistle-blower and an astounding 2600 GB of data. A giant leak of 11.5 million financial and legal records. A global collaboration of over 100 news organizations working in twenty-five languages in eighty countries. More than 350 reporters on the trail for nine months in complete secrecy. The Panama Papers exposed

The story of India’s first spy master, RN Kao

Editor | Non-fiction Over half a century after R&AW was founded and seventeen years after Kao’s death, Nitin A. Gokhale puts together the story of the legend that was RNK. Based on reminiscences of family, professional colleagues and juniors, and using his personal papers, this biography is the first definitive account of life and times