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Pakistan: How different it is from India?

Editor | Non-fiction This book provides insights into the country beyond what we already know about it. These include details on the impact of India’s soft power, thanks to Bollywood, and the remnants of Pakistan’s multi-religious past, and how it frittered away advantages of impressive growth in the first three decades of its existence by

When a Prodigal searches for God amidst religious terrorism

Editor | Fiction What does it take to find God in all cultures and religions? In these fratricidal times, the devout yet reasoning soul of Akbar Ali Samandar explores the irrationality of extremist tendencies in Pakistan, the problems of Western impositions on tolerant and liberal Islam as well as the ways in which these misunderstandings

Essential Reads | Paradise At War: A Political History of Kashmir

Editor | Non-Fiction A political scientist on Kashmir once said to me: “You cannot discuss Kashmir, or the Kashmir conflict, without starting with history.”’ In this way begins Radha Kumar’s political history of Kashmir, Paradise At War: A Political History of Kashmir (Published by Aleph, Pages 416, Price Rs 899) a book that attempts to

Mohammed Hanif returns with Red Birds

An American pilot crash lands in the desert and takes refuge in the very camp he was supposed to bomb. Hallucinating palm trees and worrying about dehydrating to death isn’t what Major Ellie expected from this mission. Still, it’s an improvement on the constant squabbles with his wife back home. In the camp, teenager Momo’s money­making schemes are failing. His brother left for his first day at

How India Manages Its National Security

Arvind Gupta’s How India Manages Its National Security gives an objective and rounded view of what the country has done since its independence to secure the nation. In this definitive and comprehensive survey of the challenges a changing global security environment poses to India, former deputy national security advisor Arvind Gupta outlines the important aspects

Imagining Lahore

Haroon Khalid’s Imagining Lahore (Published by Penguin) is an anecdotal travelogue about Lahore – which begins in the present and travels through time to the mythological origins of the city attributed to Ram’s son, Lav. Through the city’s present – its people, communities, monuments, parks and institutions – the author paints a vivid picture of