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A Pinch of Salt in the Recipe Called Life

Editor | Non-fiction How should you decode change and disruption to differentiate yourself from others? How can you enjoy and learn from the grilling, baking, frying and boiling as we create our recipe of life? How can you understand and appreciate relationships better? How will you cope with a life that’s like a moving treadmill?

Co-Creating Brands: An essential guide to contemporary marketing

Editor | Business Brand management and development has traditionally been regarded as the responsibility of the organization – they design, produce and sell the brand, before delivering it to customers. Yet this approach can be needlessly restrictive, as the connective power of the internet and the desire of consumers to focus on experiences has reshaped

The story of India’s first spy master, RN Kao

Editor | Non-fiction Over half a century after R&AW was founded and seventeen years after Kao’s death, Nitin A. Gokhale puts together the story of the legend that was RNK. Based on reminiscences of family, professional colleagues and juniors, and using his personal papers, this biography is the first definitive account of life and times

#BookRecommendation: Saying No to Jugaad, the story of big basket

Editor | Business Saying No to Jugaad is a riveting account of how the start-up ecosystem in India evolved rapidly in the last 10 years. Ushering in a new turn in the country’s economy that shook up existing ways of doing business, start-ups brought together investors and a rare breed of entrepreneurs to create a

Women’s Writings from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Editor | Fiction In this volume of writings from Bangla and Urdu literature, editors Rakhshanda Jalil and Debjani Sengupta raise issues of language, identity, nationhood and varied aspects of feminism and women’s writings in the Indian subcontinent. Both the languages have lived a life across political borders and are spoken, read and loved by people