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#Books Extracts | Of Course It’s Butterfingers!

The Historic Girls vs Boys Cricket Match Editor’s note: Here is an extract from the hilarious children’s book ‘Of Course It’s Butterfingers by Khyrunnisa A (Price Rs 250) Copyright @ Penguin Random House India ‘We believe in honouring the words of the dead.’ ‘Eh?’ Mr Jagmohan, principal of Green Park Higher Secondary School, gulped, goggled

Rice as a beauty food? Yes! | Exclusive extracts from Vasudha Rai’s GLOW

Editor’s note: This exclusive extract is taken from Vasudha Rai’s GLOW: Indian Foods, Recipes and Rituals for Beauty, Inside and Out (with permission from Penguin Random House India) Rice is the ultimate comfort food. It’s light, easily available and, of course, delicious. I grew up with wheat as my staple food—rice was a rare treat.