The World Between Us: A romantic read

Editor | Fiction
When Amal finds out that her disastrous Tinder match is now going to be her boss, she can’t be more annoyed. Qais Ahmed is everything she never wants to be: narcissistic, manipulative and arrogant.
However, despite her relentless efforts, she is unable to resist his charm and wit and is drawn to him once she gets to know the real him.
She soon discovers that he isn’t just a part of her professional life but has a deep connection to a past she is trying to forget.
Will this disturbing secret tear them apart or bind them together forever?
About the author
Sara Naveed is the author of Undying Affinity and Our Story Ends Here. Being a writer has always been her dream. Having written in many fan fiction forums, Sara’s interest grew and her writing skills improved. She earnestly hopes people appreciate her writing—an asset she deeply covets.
She currently resides with her family in Lahore, Pakistan.

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