Gitanjali Murari’s The Crown of Seven Stars is a celebration of loyalties, love and courage

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Narrated by Destiny, The Crown of Seven Stars is a sweeping tale of man’s perpetual struggle against oppressive circumstances. The story plunges headlong into establishing the key characters, each imbued with traits making them indelibly endearing, admirable, hateful or pitiable. The landscape is ancient, a kingdom called Aum, the emotions and dilemmas modern. Set at a thrilling pace, the story goes through twists and turns, the crackling tension building through the pages, thus ensuring an unputdownable read.
As Saahas races against time to overcome his Saade Saati or the misfortune of seven and a half years, dashing from one hair-raising adventure to the next, he uncovers layer after layer of a deep mystery, reaching at last the heart of the story. Shining in the depths of the tale is the gem of Vedanta philosophy, the life affirming and strength imparting message that proclaims the truth of man’s pure nature.
Keeping an unflagging pace, the book is a rollercoaster of emotions, a celebration of friendships, of loyalties, of love and courage where least expected, of finding unshakeable faith. And on the other side, it mourns the tragedies, the painful betrayals and the implacability of death. Packed with surprising punches, the story is a breathtaking ride following Saahas to his ultimate battle, a face-off with none other than his Destiny.
Exhilarating and engrossing to the last page, The Crown of Seven Stars will leave the reader satisfied; yet it will provide enough reason for the reader to ponder over about his/her life.
About the author
Gitanjali has over 20 years of experience in TV production and Broadcasting, twelve of which were at senior creative and programming positions in organizations such as Fremantle Media, Zee TV Network and Sony Pictures India. Her work experience, rich in its diversity and depth, built her core strength in Content Development with a special emphasis on Story-telling.

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