52 Red Pills: A New-Age Playbook to Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Editor | Wellness
What happens when a corporate couple decides to bring their minds and efforts together to share their hyperlearning journey with the world? They embark on a magnificent adventure to distil ideas around leading more productive and healthier lives.
This journey – which started as a couple’s conversation on New Years’ Eve of 2018 – turned into a national phenomenon that led Eika and Siddharth Banerjee to meet diverse experts and specialists from the fields of science, art, sports, medicine, and ancient wisdom. 52 Red Pills is one of its kind of a journey of one of India’s corporate couples who not only manage distinguished positions in multinationals but also are hyper-learners.
For 52 weeks (of 2018) Eika and Siddharth explored and researched 52 topics that helped them enrich their lives from all perspectives, be it health, spiritual, professional or even leisure. This journey includes topics of all kinds that are both intense and enjoyable. One week the authors learn about biohacking and the other they enjoy the different malts of Whiskeys.
Written as a practical guide, this book helps you introspect and makes you eager to know more about the different walks of life, the readers are as much a part of their journey. The book has interactive exercises and suggestions towards the end of every week that helps the readers write about their experiences and challenges and as the sub title says – A New-Age Playbook to become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.
This book is a must-have for 2020, it helps you to be curious and motivated towards a better life.

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