Ken Spillman comes up with The Absolutely True Adventures of Daydreamer Dev

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Sitting in class or watching clouds from the roof of Kwality Carpets, Dev’s flights of fancy land him in challenging environments all over the globe. He brings home notes from his teacher so regularly that Amma only rolls her eyes as she fishes them from his satchel. Baba says that if there were medals for daydreaming, Dev would be an All-India Champion-maybe even an Olympic hero.
These action-packed stories transport the reader to three iconic locations, each one testing Dev’s survival skills while teaching him to respect environments and cultures that seem alien to him.
Follow Dev as he accompanies the ghost of a Sherpa woman on a quest to conquer Mount Everest.
Ride with Dev as he traces the Amazon River, which proves much more difficult than going with the flow!
Join Dev and his pal OP as they set out from Timbuktu to cross the Sahara on malodorous camels.
For Dev and his colourful imagination, it’s Access All Areas and No Holds Barred.
About the author
Ken Spillman developed his imagination while playing games in bushland on the edge of one of Australia’s most isolated cities, and by reading adventures set in faraway places. He is now the author of around 80 books, published in around 20 languages. Ken is a frequent visitor to India and has written a number of books featuring sharp-witted young Indian characters. These include the Daydreamer Dev stories; Advaita the Writer(2011); No Fear, Jiyaa!(2017); and Radhika Takes the Plunge (2012), which was listed in 101 Indian Children’s Books We Love! For more information, visit

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