India in a Warming World: How to fight poverty and ensure development for all

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The central objective of this book (published by Oxford University Press) is to find useful ways of talking about climate change in India and by so doing, explore ways in which to productively engage and act on the climate change challenge. Through these chapters, we hope to deepen clarity both on why India should engage climate change and how it can best do so, even while appreciating and representing the challenges inherent in doing so.
As science is increasingly making clear, the problem of climate change poses an existential challenge for humanity. For India, this challenge is compounded by immediate concerns of eradicating poverty and accelerating development, and complicated by its relatively limited role thus far in causing the problem.
India in a Warming World explores this complex context for India’s engagement with climate change. But, in addition, it argues that India, like other countries, can no longer ignore the problem, because a pathway to development innocent of climate change is no longer available. Bringing together leading researchers, activists, and policymakers, this volume lays out the emergent debate on climate change in India. Collectively, the chapters deepen clarity on why India should engage with climate change and how it can best do so.
Sections and Contributors
Climate Change Impacts: J. Srinivasan | Krishna AchutaRao |Friederike Otto | Nagraj Adve
International Debates and Negotiations: Late Anil Agarwal | Sunita Narain | Tejal Kanitkar | T. Jayaraman | Sandeep Sengupta | Chandrashekhar Dasgupta | Shyam Saran | Ashok Lavasa | D. Raghunandan | Lavanya Rajamani | Ajay Mathur | Arunabha Ghosh
Politics: Pradip Swarnakar| Shankar Venkateswaran| Mukund Rajan | Ashim Roy | Benny Kuruvilla | Ankit Bhardwaj | Anu Jogesh
Policy: Navroz K. Dubash | Shibani Ghosh | Anu Jogesh | Elizabeth Gogoi | Koyel Mandal | Ambuj Sagar
Climate and Development: Ashok Sreenivas | Ashwin Gambhir | Radhika Khosla | Ankit Bhardwaj | Sharachchandra Lele | Jagdish Krishnaswamy | Veena Srinivasan | K.S. Kavi Kumar | Brinda Viswanathan | Rohan Arthur
The Editor:
Navroz K. Dubash is professor at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, India. He has been engaged in the climate debate as a researcher, policy advisor, and activist for over 25 years.

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