Simon& Schuster India to publish Shobhaa De’s latest novel, Srilaaji

By A Correspondent
Simon& Schuster India will publish Shobhaa De’s latest novel, Srilaaji: Diary of a Marwari Dowager.
More than 17 of De’s novels climbed the bestselling books charts on publication.
Her debut novel, Socialite Evenings, was controversial and scandalous for the times but earned a cult status right away and was a huge commercial success, as was ‘Starry Nights’ which remains the most definitive novel about Bollywood. Her highly individualistic style of writing is at once irreverent, bold and compellingly readable.
Simon and Schuster India told Arrackistan: “Shobhaa De is one of India’s foremost Indian English novelists, and as a woman who has always been ahead of her times, her writing has been consistently relevant, timeless and spunky. We expect and believe this novel will be path-breaking in new ways that only Shobhaa can think of, exciting and inspiring for women (and modern men!) across generations.”
De said: “I am so excited about the new novel! Fiction remains an enduring love affair in my life. I look forward to creating an unforgettable character called Srilaaji, and occupying her skin… exploring her world… uncovering her secret self.”

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