Why Trishla Jain’s ‘Tankful of Thankful” and ‘Listen to the Whispers’ Are Important

Editor | Children’s Books
Baby train has always wanted to travel the world. When he finds out that a magic fuel called Gratitude can take him far, he can’t wait to get started! Grazie, Mahalo, Dankie, he says as he learns how people thank each other around the world, Merci, Arigato, Dhanyawaad. As he fills his tank with this magic fuel, he finds himself growing stronger and living his dream.
Tankful of Thankful toots the magic of thanking each other in different languages-for the small things, for the grand things, for all things. Read this picture book out loud to your children, and start a beautiful conversation about living gratefully.
This beautifully realized picture book on living mindfully offers answers to questions such as Who am I? and Why am I here? With intricate illustrations and easy-to-follow text, take your young ones on a journey to unleash the potential hidden within and teach them to never stop reaching for the stars. As they run with the tigers and dance with the wolves in Listen to the Whispers, let them explore the majesty of the earth and recognize how magnificent they are!
The Author
A fan of vegetables, meditation and tidiness, Trishla Jain calls herself ‘a work in progress’. She is dedicated to deep, mindful living. As a mother of two, she writes books that bring families together to explore spirituality in a light, magical way. Trishla fell in love with English literature while at Stanford University in California, where she resides today. Trishla recently founded Longwalks, an app that helps inspire meaningful connection.

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