Kali’s Retribution, sequel to first installment of The Kalki Chronicles

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Kali’s Retribution is a sequel to the intriguing first installment of The Kalki Chronicles series, The Sage’s Secret, a contemporary mythological take on the arrival of Lord Vishnu’s last avatar on Earth. The plot is intriguing, complete with a showdown between the avatar and the evil arch nemesis which sets the basis for a fantasy mythological story. Kali’s Retribution is based on engaging twists and turns planned eras in advance by Lord Krishna and the ultimate fight between good and evil. The book has a lot of mythological, fantasy, magic elements that will appeal to the readers of these genres and beginning of a love story that will appeal to the young adult audience.
Though successful in deciphering Krishna’s puzzles and retrieving the Kaustubha locket, a vulnerable Anirudh, the tenth avatar of Vishnu, finds that the ever-perilous world is moving too fast for him to keep up with. He is taken under the wing of an esoteric society created for his protection even as ancient allies watch over him from the Himalayas. Meanwhile, through his visions, Anirudh learns that Krishna has hidden a great weapon in his palace. However, the Demon of Time, Kalarakshasa too, yearns to possess it. What will happen when the cloaked sorcerer finally faces Kalki? And will it be long before Kali, the Lord of Evil, takes up the reins of the mortal world?
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Abhinav is a Mumbai-based software developer and the author of The Sage’s Secret, the first instalment in The Kalki Chronicles.

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