Day: August 21, 2019

Namrata Joshi’s Reel India: On the addiction that is Indian cinema

Editor | Arts If there’s one experience that unites India, it is cinema. In Reel India, award-winning film critic Namrata Joshi journeys through the interiors of the country intimately chronicling little-known stories about the nation’s incessant obsession with the movies. In Lucknow, she encounters a Shah Rukh Khan fan who has embraced an alternate reality

Penguin to publish the story of screen goddess Sridevi

By A Special Correspondent New Delhi: Penguin Random House India has announced the acquisition of the book on the iconic Indian cinema legend, Sridevi, written by author and screenwriter Satyarth Nayak and approved by Boney Kapoor. Titled Sridevi: Girl Woman Superstar, this book recounts the life and times of the actor who changed how women

Books For You | Kashmir’s Untold Story: Declassified

Editor | Politics Why has this state of siege in the Kashmir valley continued for 72 years since the Partition of India? What role has Pakistan played in it all of these years? And will there ever be a resolution to the militancy in the state? How will Islamabad get the forces of Islamic jihad—nurtured

Kali’s Retribution, sequel to first installment of The Kalki Chronicles

Editor | Fiction Kali’s Retribution is a sequel to the intriguing first installment of The Kalki Chronicles series, The Sage’s Secret, a contemporary mythological take on the arrival of Lord Vishnu’s last avatar on Earth. The plot is intriguing, complete with a showdown between the avatar and the evil arch nemesis which sets the basis