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Being in the armed forces means being part of a special, inspiring community of people and their families who have dedicated their lives to guarding their country. The books in this series celebrate the role military families play and offer a peek at the pleasures and pressures of military life from a child’s point of view – from moving to making new friends, deployment, homecoming, patriotism, and tender family moments. Packed with trivia and fun facts, the series offers young readers all there is know about the Indian Armed forces!
About the books
My Mother is in the Indian Air Force
Rohan thinks his mom is a bit like a a superhero-she flies in to save the day, she loops and swoops between the clouds, she even jumps off planes wearing parachutes! But her job demands that she keep moving from place to place, and Rohan doesn’t want to move again. Not this time. Can he find a way to stay?Read on to find out about the people and their families whose big and small acts of heroism make the Indian air force formidable!
My Father is in the Indian Army
Beena’s dad is in the Indian army, which means that when duty calls, he’s got to get going at once. Beena knows her dad’s job is important, but her birthday is coming up. She really, really wants her dad to be at home to celebrate with her. Will he be able to make it back in time?
Read on to find out about the people and their families whose big and small acts of heroism make the Indian army inspiring!

My Sister is in the Indian Navy
Nikky’s sister is in the navy. When her ship is in port, she and Nikky get to do lots of fun things together. Nikky would like to spend more time with his sister, and he doesn’t want her to leave, but he knows that, eventually, her sailing orders will arrive…
Read on to find out about the people and their families whose big and small acts of heroism make the Indian navy exemplary!
Arthy Muthanna Singh said: “With so many relatives of mine from the Armed Forces, it was really an honour to be able to write about their lives, in a small way. There is so little written about the nitty-gritties of an armed forces person’s family life – the frequent postings all across the country, the non-family postings, the anxiety of waiting, the temporary duties far away, the change of schools for the children, making new friends..…. We are grateful that the books are out just in time for Independence Day! So timely.”
Mamta Nainy said: “Children’s books are a great way to help children deal with change—and life in the armed forces certainly has plenty of that! The three books in Our Amazing Armed Forces series were written with the idea of introducing children to the Indian armed forces and what it takes to be in them, not just for those who wear the uniform but for their families as well. The books in the series try to touch upon various aspects of military life from a child’s point of view—from moving homes to making new friends, from deployment to reunion, from patriotism to tender family moments, and we hope that they will make young readers aware of the experiences of children who have a parent or a family member in the armed forces and appreciate the sacrifices they make for the safety of all of us.”
About the authors
Arthy Muthanna Singh is a children’s writer, freelance journalist, copywriter, editor and cartoonist. She has authored more than thirty-five books for children. Currently she is partner at SYLL ABLES27, an outfit that produces books for children on a turn-key basis for publishers and organizations that work with children.
Mamta Nainy is a children’s writer, editor and translator based in New Delhi, whose book A Brush with Indian Art won he Hindu-Goodbooks Young World Award 2019 in the Best Book Non-Fiction category.

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