Introducing Varun Thomas Mathew: The Black Dwarves of the Good Little Bay

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There is a city on the western shores of India where it no longer rains . . .
The sea has invaded its boundaries and its inhabitants reside in a towering structure called the Bombadrome, which hovers above the barren land. Theirs is an artificially equated society; they lead technologically directed lives; they have no memory of the past. They don’t remember that this place was once called Bom Bahia, or Bombay, or Mumbai.
Except for one man, the last civil servant of the India of old, a witness to the time when it all fell apart, now bitter, filled with regret and thought to be mad. For decades he has remained silent, but now a moment has come – which comes but rarely in history – that prompts him into a final act of service: To remind people of what happened all those years ago, of the events that unmade the city, then the nation, and finally their lives . . .

Sharp, layered and scathing, The Black Dwarves of the Good Little Bay will grab you by the scruff of your neck and force you to listen. Because the sins of the past can never be fully hidden. Because the end can never justify the means.

About the author
Varun Thomas Mathew was born just before India began to liberalize her economy, in the Bangalore of yesterday, before all the traffic and concrete had choked the city, when gardens and rainbow bars existed side by side in a climate undisturbed by hate and air-conditioning.
He studied in several convent and boarding schools, and later at the National Law School of India University. He is a lawyer by profession, a calling he found after having started and sold an e-commerce company, studied the euro crisis on a grant from the German government, and been the election agent and campaign manager for a very unique politician.
Varun now lives in New Delhi, where he runs a technology law, public policy and human rights practice. This is his first book.

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