How would have the Ramayana unfolded if the hero was Sita, and not Rama?

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How would have the Ramayana unfolded if the hero was Sita, and not Rama?
What could Sita have been without Rama?
Spending her last days in a remote ashram, a tired and greying Sita can’t help but wonder, ‘What if . . . ?’
What if she hadn’t married Rama? What if she hadn’t gone into exile with him? What if she hadn’t been kidnapped by Ravana, and waited patiently for Rama to rescue her, ever the dutiful wife? What if she hadn’t returned with him to Ayodhya, only to be later discarded to ‘preserve his honour’?
Until one day Sage Vishwamitra arrives and shows her who she might have been had she not met Rama – Bhumika, a queen who defies convention.
Aditya Iyengar’s latest work is a novel tale of two enigmatic women, Sita and Bhumika, secure in their choices but not defined by them. Provocative, layered and moving, this is a narrative that will resonate with generations to come.
About the author
Aditya Iyengar has been acclaimed for viewing Indian mythological tales – a hugely popular category – through the eyes of often unexplored and peripheral characters. He writes novels, screenplays, and poetry. His previous books include the critically acclaimed The Thirteenth Day, The Palace of Assassins, The Broken Sun and The Conqueror. Iyengar’s earlier books – The Thirteenth Day, A Broken Sun and Palace of Assassins: The Rise of Ashwatthama – have got excellent reader reviews and critical acclaim.

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