Flyaway Boy, a must-read for children

Editor | Children’s Books
Kabir doesn’t fit in. Not in the wintry hill town he lives in, and not in his school, where the lines are always straight. Backed into a corner with no way out, Kabir vanishes.
With every adult’s nightmare now coming true, finding this flyaway boy will mean understanding who he really is. Or is it too late?
Spirited and powerfully imaginative, Flyaway Boy is a story about embracing everything that makes you uniquely you.
Jane De said: “We want so much for our kids, for them to become achievers; and to toe the proven paths to get there. And in our obsession with their success, we overlook who they really are, and what makes each one so special – the quirks, the questions, the dreaming. Our love for them is so desperate that we micro-plan their futures, and ignore their presents. This book has been inside me because I was a kid like that; now I work with, have and see kids like that – if only we recognize how special they are. From a dreamer is born someone who will change the world some day, but only if we don’t deny/ decry/ kill his dream first.”
About the Author
Jane De Suza does not write normal books. The Super Zero series, Uncool, Happily Never After and The Spy who lost her Head, among others, are examples of a very different, quirky and questioning look at life. She has been a creative director, and a long-standing columnist for The Hindu and Good Housekeeping. Jane has a management degree and writes for magazines, brands and sites across the world; and travels between Singapore and India.

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