Burnout: Beat fatigue to thrive in an overworked world

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Do you feel like you never have enough time or energy to get things done?
Are you stressed and exhausted just thinking about work?
Are you getting to the point where you dread Monday mornings?
These are some of the tell-tale signs of burnout which, if not addressed, can wreck careers and relationships. Senior psychologist and business leader Anju Jain, PhD, shares what makes some people tenacious and energetic while others suffer from fatigue and fall by the wayside. The book offers a framework and simple strategies to lead a good and productive life, minus the burnout.
The Author:
Anju Jain is a senior psychologist and a business leader who has worked across multinational organizations in the US and Asia. She has a PhD in developmental psychology from Pennsylvania State University and a collective work experience of over twenty years in academia, business and entrepreneurship. She is the author of Step Up: How Women Can Perform Better for Success.

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