In Colour Matters? Anuranjita Kumar decodes racism

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In Colour Matters? The Truth That No One Wants To See, Anuranjita Kumar deconstructs the notion and biases that are deep rooted in our minds about classifying people simply on the basis of their skin colours.
The colour of the skin, through its subtle and attached symbolism and beliefs, its presence or the lack of it, tells a story of human dynamics that is constructive and/or destructive, depending on the lens used. It has the visual power to influence, pronounce judgements, divide, confer privileges and even influence the right to love, hate, embrace, protect or kill merely based on colour—the colour of the skin. Therefore, Colour Matters? is a book of the shared experiences of many minds as it delves deep into the manifestations of race, its power to influence and how the dynamics play out on our emotions, our biases and, sometimes, our very approach to humanity.
Centuries of evolution has still not given us the discerning power to love beyond ethnicity or race. Or are there ways we could supersede these through personal conviction, knowledge and emotional grit? Find out through the stories, experiences and dilemmas of some brave individuals, deconstructing the colour myth to unearth what lies beneath.
Anuranjita Kumar told Arrackistan: “The world around us offers us an opportunity to collaborate with cross cultural teams across continents today, and yet prods us to uniquely hold onto our personal and regional identity. ‘Colour Matters?’ traverses through journey of life of many people and is a manifestation of the learnings through it. There is power in togetherness, in learning from experiences, from opening doors to possibilities and in accepting the other person for the best they can bring to the table. The colour of a person’s skin still remains more visible than invisible. But the choice remains ours to remain colourless in our hearts.”
About the author:
Anuranjita Kumar is a human resource veteran for over 24 years and has traversed the world on various assignments. She has held a variety of senior human resources roles in Asia, North America and Europe during her stint at Citi Bank. Currently, she is Managing Director, Human Resources, International Hubs, Royal Bank of Scotland. She is armed with first-hand cross-cultural experience as a woman in the global corporate world and has deep-seated knowledge about the working culture and dynamics in various countries. She has a keen interest in issues related to cross-border migration, diversity and racism. Her first book Can I Have it All? beautifully documents the trials and triumphs of her journey through the corporate landscape. She has been recognised as amongst the ‘Most Powerful Women Leaders’ by Fortune India in 2013 and has featured in The Economic Times ‘Women Ahead’—a list of the top 25 women achievers and career role models in India in 2018.

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