National Park Explorer series: Chaos at Keoladeo

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Experience all that the jungle has to offer with the first in The National Park Explorers series!

Sameera, Alex and Tarun are headed to Bharatpur with Uncle Avi. They’ve heard that the Siberian cranes have returned to Keoladeo National Park after more than twenty years.

But things just don’t seem right at the park. The three young explorers find themselves in the midst of things wondrous and wild as they spot birds and animals, bump into wildlife biologist Rauf Ali and sleuth around to solve mysteries along the way. Is the legend of the hidden gastrolith gems more than just folklore? Who is that strange guy lurking around the park? And where are the fabled Siberian cranes everyone is talking about?

The author, Priya Fonseca says, “The National Park Explorers series was conceived by my publisher Preeti Vyas, who knew that I love nature and travel. I was excited by the idea of a series that would highlight our parks in all their glory to include not just the predators but the trees, birds, insects, sights and sounds. There are about 114 national parks in India and most of us know very little about them. Chaos at Keoladeo has evolved into a first of its kind book as it offers fiction, mystery, adventure, travelogue, encyclopedia and birding guide all rolled into one. I believe this book will entertain, enrich and create the desire to look at, listen to and observe our natural environment in urban children.”

About the author

Priya Fonseca was born and brought up in Bandra, Mumbai. From the time she was little, she’s loved nature and the ocean. Priya is a writer and voice artist. When she’s not working, you can find her enjoying her hobbies that include scuba-diving, travelling, birdwatching, trying out all kinds of food, reading, astronomy and all things related to space exploration, yoga and running. She lives in Mumbai with her husband, Hashim, their son, Tarun, and their two huge dogs, Rexiblu and Noel.

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