In Fear of Lions, Kanekar imagines a rebellion against Aurangzeb

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Fear of Lions is a beautifully crafted, thrilling tale about  a peasant revolt led by feisty women  that shook the Mughal Empire to its core.

The story covers the revolt of a little-known peasant community that broke down caste, religious and gender divides, and set up its own administration in protest against the heavy taxation imposed on them by Emperor Aurangzeb.

Captivating prose and a varied cast of unforgettable characters from all walks of life in that era – from Mughal nobles and generals to peasants and sweepers – recreates life in the Mughal Empire twelve years into the rule of Emperor Aurangzeb.

Set twelve years into the rule of the austere Aurangzeb Alamgir, in a time of impossible wealth and unbearable want, of brilliant architectural extravaganzas amidst ancient traditions of squalor, and of a caste society on the threshold of capitalism, Amita Kanekar’s powerful and intricately woven novel tells the story of an unlikely rebellion that almost brought imperial Dilli to its knees.

About the author

Amita Kanekar is the author of A Spoke in the Wheel. She writes on history, politics and architecture. This is her second novel.

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