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He looks down where the forest was
And lets out a long, sad sigh.
‘Where did my home go?’ he cries.
‘Where and why, oh why?’

The rapidly shrinking forest has a lonesome, friendless tiger who is left with only his own shadow for company. Whom should he play with now that all his fellow tigers have disappeared?
In the tug-of-war over living space between people and the wild, where will the animals go if more forests are cut?
One Lonely Tiger illustrates this urgent threat of extinction and loss of habitat among valuable species, and asks the pressing question: are our trees, wild animals, birds and insects safe amidst us?
Gorgeously illus

trated and thoughtfully narrated, this book sensitizes young readers to the pathos and loneliness of our wildlife and the ecological crisis around us.
Author Benita Sen who is determined to spread environmental awareness amongst our future generation told “These are concerns close to my heart. I’ve grown up to respect the fact that birds and bees, people and trees all need to live in harmony. I wanted to study Environmental Science. That fell through because in our times, there was little scope for it. But the interest remained.
“This has shown in my choices. As an educator, I have been looking at the environment vertical. As a voluntarist, I have volunteered with an environmental NGO. While I worked with The Economic Times, I was looking at issues that impact the urban environment like Animal Birth Control. As a children’s author, my interest has led me to write several fact and fiction books on environmental issues. It is the same interest that drives me to write articles for young people regularly for Terra Green magazine.
“I admire people working in the environmental sector, people who have dedicated their lives to doing field work, counting populations, studying their habits and habitat, trying to come up with ways to reduce conflict. I wish I could do what they do, but I cannot. I’m an author and a journalist. I write. The result is, One Lonely Tiger,” said Sen.

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