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After taking Mumbai by storm, Shrilok and his best friend, Rohan, are now chasing criminals far and wide, even landing up in London.

The stakes are high for the chaiwala-turned-super-sleuth, with murder mysteries, secret codes, museum robberies, an exam-paper racket and a terrorist from the past. Will our desi Sherlock rise to the challenge?

The author, Pika Nani says, “Meet Shrilok Homeless – a teen detective and India’s own desi Sherlock!

The second book of the series has the chaiwala turned super sleuth and his best friend Rohan Doctor chasing criminals far and wide, even landing up in London. This time the cases are twice as challenging with murder mysteries, international spies, secret codes, museum robberies, exam paper rackets and a terrorist from the past. All leading to a thrilling finish that will have detective buffs on the edge of their seats.”

About the author

Pika Nani was what Deepika Murthy called herself as a child. She wanted to become a writer and realized this dream with her first book, Little Indians: Stories from across the country (2013). When she is not writing, she can be found talking about writing to children in various schools. She grew up in Mumbai and now lives in Bengaluru with her family. When on a break, you will find her travelling or curled up with a good book–most likely a mystery.

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