Month: June 2019

Books For Kids| One Lonely Tiger

Editor | Children’s Books He looks down where the forest was And lets out a long, sad sigh. ‘Where did my home go?’ he cries. ‘Where and why, oh why?’ The rapidly shrinking forest has a lonesome, friendless tiger who is left with only his own shadow for company. Whom should he play with now

Stories of India’s Most Fearless

Editor | Non-Fiction First-hand reports of the most riveting anti-terror encounters in the wake of the 2016 surgical strikes, the men who hunted terrorists in a magical Kashmir forest where day turns to night, a pair of young Navy men who gave their all to save their entire submarine crew, the Air Force commando who

Room in Our Hearts, eclectic mixture of short stories from Kashmir

Editor | Fiction These are the tales of our times, of ordinary people, their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears, their beliefs and doubts, and their desire to get along in life despite multiple challenges. Of people who have been uprooted from their homes and are trying to find their moorings again, of the

Beyond Asanas: The Myths and Legends behind Yogic Postures

Editor | Non-Fiction Have you ever wondered how these names for yoga poses came about, inspired from animals, nature, and even sages? Using thirty carefully researched asanas, yoga teacher Pragya Bhatt draws upon her own yoga practice and research to make a connection between ancient Indian mythology and modern yoga practice. By depicting the beauty

Love in the Time of Affluenza, a Mumbai story

Editor | Fiction Raising three beautiful children in her beautiful Bombay home with her aristocratic husband of 15 years – every bit the prince you read about in fairy tales – Natasha has it all. But when her closest friend drops the bombshell that she’s isn’t entirely fulfilled by her family and is having an

Books For You | Shrilok Homeless takes London by storm

Editor | Children’s Books After taking Mumbai by storm, Shrilok and his best friend, Rohan, are now chasing criminals far and wide, even landing up in London. The stakes are high for the chaiwala-turned-super-sleuth, with murder mysteries, secret codes, museum robberies, an exam-paper racket and a terrorist from the past. Will our desi Sherlock rise