Penguin launches The Penguin Ray Library

By A Correspondent
New Delhi: Penguin Random House has tied up with the Society for the Preservation of Satyajit Ray Archives (Satyajit Ray Society) and the legal estate of the Ray Family to publish five previously unpublished titles by Satyajit Ray, under the aegis of The Penguin Ray Library from 2020 onwards.
These works consists of previously unpublished essays by Ray, Tarini Khuro translations by Ray and a lot of his illustrated works remain unseen till date among many others.

The Penguin Ray Library will give Ray’s works a unique look of their own. Establishing a series with a distinct identity, these new titles will be presented in a special layout with quintessential aesthetics inspired by Ray’s sensibilities. The Penguin Ray Library will be an endeavour to capture the brilliance of a Renaissance man and share his works with a wider readership.
Ray was an ace designer, music composer, illustrator and a gifted writer. This association will celebrate his contribution to the world of art, literature, cinema and music and take his work to the next level- opening them up to new platforms and readers.

Sandip Ray, Member Secretary, Satyajit Ray Society, told Arrackistan: “We are excited to be a part of vision that Penguin Random House has for perpetuating Ray’s luminous legacy. The Penguin Ray Library and The Penguin Satyajit Ray Memorial Lecture are excellent platforms to introduce his works to new audiences and I am looking forward to seeing their representation of Satyajit Ray’s aesthetics in the new titles.”
Premanka Goswami, senior commissioning editor at Penguin Random House India, said: “It is a historical moment for us to be able to engage with Satyajit Ray’s works in this way. We have visualised the Penguin Ray Library to be a hallmark of the master’s work as a confluence of aesthetic subtlety and creativity. The series of new titles is a first step to building an enduring and meaningful relationship with Satyajit Ray Society and the Ray family.”
Penguin is also collaborating with the Satyajit Ray Society to be a part of the annual lecture that is held in Ray’s memory each year. This year, The Penguin Satyajit Ray Memorial Lecture, as it will be called here on, was delivered by renowned film-maker Tarun Majumdar on 27 April at Sisir Mancha, Nandan Compound, Kolkata. Further establishing the lecture as one of the most prestigious cultural events of the year, Penguin will work collectively with the Ray society and family towards building the property further, as a true tribute to Satyajit Ray’s life and body of work.
Niti Kumar, SVP Marketing, digital and communications, Penguin Random House India said: “The Penguin Ray Library and The Penguin Satyajit Ray Memorial Lecture are our gestures to commemorate the greatness of Satyajit Ray. While his work needs no introduction and is considered one of the most revered across diverse fields, this association is definitely aiming to step up and scale up the showcase he truly deserves. We have concentrated our efforts to be present in different mediums and induct more people to the iconic world of Ray’s books and other works of art, given the right exposure and platforms.”

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