Day: May 15, 2019

Essential Reads | Arundhati Roy takes the Saint to The Doctor

Editor | Politics Arundhati Roy’s The Doctor and the Saint continues to educate us the meaning of equality and basic human rights through her close study of the two stalwarts of the Indian freedom movement. To best understand and address the inequality in India today, Arundhati Roy insists we must examine both the political development

Krishna, the yug purush

Editor | Books This is the story of the most enigmatic man of the era; the man who, despite being a mortal, was superhuman in every way. Krishna was a visionary who could see into the future, and tried in his own way to make it better, accepting what he could not change. A brilliant

Give Your Heart a Break, says Anuj Tiwari

Editor | Fiction When is it enough, really enough? In love, never! In abuse, forever. Written flawlessly with tenderness and fury, heartbreak and acceptance, Give Your Heart a Break isthe story of Addya, a flamboyant, confident woman, leading a carefree life. That is, until the day she gets married, and her life suddenly takes a

Ayaz Kohli makes a riveting debut in Snakes in the Meadows

Editor | Fiction Jammu And Kashmir, 1987. In the hilly village of Pathri Aali, where legends appear true, Aslam and Ashwar, two young lovers, dream of marriage and of good things of life. But that is not to be. Unable to cope, Aslam leaves Pathri Aali forever. Years later, as men migrate to Saudi Arabia

Talk to Me: When computers become compassionate

Editor | Technology The next great technological disruption is coming. The titans of Silicon Valley are racing to build the last, best computer that the world will ever need. They know that whoever successfully creates it will revolutionise our relationship with technology – and make billions of dollars in the process. They call it conversational

FEAST: An exploration of the foods of Islam

  Editor | Knowledge A diverse and rich culinary tradition has evolved in every place touched by Islam, always characterised by deliciousness and fragrance, a love of herbs and the deft use of spices. Anissa Helou’s Feast represents an extraordinary journey through place and time, travelling from Senegal to Indonesia via the Arab, Persian, Mughal