Day: May 14, 2019

Body Sutra: Tracing the human form through art & imagination

Editor | Knowledge O scion of Bharata, you should understand that I am also the knower in all bodies and to understand this body and its knower is called knowledge.’ —Bhagavad Gita The body has always been central to Indian art, thought, literature and even religion. In Body Sutra, renowned art historian Alka Pande celebrates

Think, Lead and Strategize Like Kumar Mangalam Birla

Editor | Business The key to success is not destiny and coincidence as many believe, but a well-rounded strategy, managerial excellence and most importantly, clear and precise thoughts. These are also the traits that helped Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, expand the business from a $2 billion group to a whopping

Kashmir is more than a territorial dispute, says Ashok Dhar

Editor | Politics Stories of the trauma and betrayal faced by Kashmiris have been told, the events retraced and analysis offered. And yet, one of the most long-standing disputes in India’s post-Independence history remains unsettled. If it were up to Lal Ded, a Sufi poet, she would offer the most difficult solution so far—to look

Essential Reads | Hindu Dharma and The Cultural Wars

Editor | Politics Culture war’ is a term that originated with the nineteenth-century German nation-builder Otto von Bismarck, who initiated a struggle with the Church on control over education, and called it ‘Kulturkampf’ (culture war). The same issue—minus the Church—is a contentious one in India, with both the history curriculum and the allotment of authority

Who is the real Sanjay Dutt?

Editor | Non-fiction What theworld knows about Sanjay Dutt is only half-truths. Best-selling author, film producer and renowned journalist Ram Kamal Mukherjee unravels the enigma and stigma surrounding Sanju Baba. There can be no last word on Sanjay Dutt. Ever. Even as he walks a free man after more than three decades of prison terms

The Reluctant Billionaire: How Dilip Shanghvi became the richest self-made Indian

By A Correspondent New Delhi: Penguin Random House India has announced the acquisition of the first ever-comprehensive biography of the founder and managing director of India’s largest drug maker Sun Pharmaceuticals, Dilip Shanghvi. Journalist and author Soma Das writes this rare account of the life and times of the reticent Indian billionaire businessman whose professional

Books For You | The Young and The Restless, Youth and Politics in India

Edon the streets, having conversations in offices and on social media. The election in 2014 saw 150 million young voters—the highest number of first-time voters in India. And yet, the average age of our parliamentarians is sixty-three. Our leaders are almost four decades older than the average twenty-five-year-old. In The Young and the Restless, Gurmehar

Empire of Sand works on fantasy land

Editor | Fiction Mehr is a girl trapped between two cultures. Her father comes from the ruling classes of the empire but her mother’s people were outcasts, Amrithi nomads who worshipped the spirits of the sands. Caught one night performing these forbidden rites, Mehr is brought to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared mystics,

The Outcast: The Prequel to Summoner series

Editor | Fiction Here is the highly anticipated prequel to the New York Times bestselling Summoner trilogy. If you like Pokemon and wish you went to Hogwarts, you’ll love this fantasy world from Wattpad sensation Taran Matharu. Arcturus is just an orphaned stable boy when he accidentally summons a demon. As Hominum’s first common summoner,

What unites Chaplin, Shakespeare and Brexit?

Editor | Literature What unites Katherine Mansfield, Charlie Chaplin, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Brexit, the present, the past, the north, the south, the east, the west, a man mourning lost times, a woman trapped in modern times? Spring. The great connective. With an eye to the migrancy of story over time, and riffing on Pericles, one of