Catch The Puffin Book of Holiday Stories

Editor | Children’s Books

The Puffin Book of Holiday Stories is an anthology full of adventure, humour, ghosts, mysteries, friends, mangoes, family dramas and little boys and girls. The book comes with an introduction by legendary writer Ruskin Bond.

Hop, skip and err…stumble through your vacations with: a clever parrot called Carrot who makes quite the entrance at summer school.

Two arch-enemies who battle it out using delicious mango desserts, a girl with inflamed tonsils who dreams of medicating on vanilla ice cream.

A young boy swallowed whole by a snake who lives to tell the tale and many others!

This great collection of stories of brave adventures, hilarious misadventures, boisterous families, intimate friendships and facing fears is sure to keep you entertained during your break.


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