Books For You | The Unnamable Present  | Roberto Calasso

Editor | Non-Fiction

Tourists, terrorists, secularists, hackers, fundamentalists, transhumanists, algorithmicians: in this book Roberto Calasso considers the tribes that inhabit and inform the world today. A world that feels more elusive than ever before. Yet once contrasted with the period between 1933 and 1945, when the world made a partially successful attempt at self-annihilation, the new millennium begins to take on an unprecedented form. What emerges is something illusory, ever-shifting and occasionally murderous: the unnamable present. This book, The ninth part of a work in progress, is a meditation on the obscure and ubiquitous process of transformation happening in societies today, where distant echoes of Auden’s the age of anxiety give way to something altogether more unsettling.

About the Author

Roberto Calasso is the author of many books including the international bestseller The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony and The Ruin of Kasch, both parts of a work in progress of which The Unnamable Present is part nine.



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