Day: April 5, 2019

Tamil Characters | A window to Dravida land

Editor | Politics Tamil Nadu’s politics and culture befuddle outside observers. Ruled for half a century by two regional parties – DMK and AIADMK – its politics has been marked by language pride, non-Brahmin movement, caste-based reservation, regionalism, welfare populism, and cinema. Despite the negative coverage it tends to get from outside, Tamil Nadu is

Books For You | Once Upon a Curfew

Editor | Pulp Fiction Once upon a Curfew, set in 1974, at the time of the Emergency, explores the journey of Indu as she sets out to transform the lives of fellow women by turning her late grandmother’s flat into a library for women. In the process she meets Rana, a young lawyer who helps

Books For You | The Children of Destruction

Editor | Children’s Fiction A whole generation of weird is ready to come of age. And when it does, the world will change… We used to live in a world of magic . . . For Alice, life as a teenager is hard enough without turning into a supernatural herald of destruction. And you would

Do Better With Less | How to do innovation better

Editor | Technology This groundbreaking book, by the bestselling authors of Jugaad Innovation, shows how India can harness the three megatrends — the sharing economy, the maker movement and the circular economy — and disruptive technologies such as AI and 3D printing to generate jobs and drive inclusive and sustainable growth in the decades to