Novoneel Chakraborty’s Cheaters to be turned into web series

By A Correspondent

New Delhi: Bestselling writer Novoneel Chakraborty signs rights for a thrilling story from his short story collection Cheaters to be made into a web series by Miraj Entertainment, a wing of the Miraj Group.

Cheaters was published in 2018 by India’s largest English trade publishing house, Penguin Random House India. Categorized as crime, thriller and mystery novel, Cheaters comprises nine short stories, each discussing a different shade of infidelity in today’s times when societal norms are still the same—archaic. The story being adapted is called The Vacation and is about person’s clash of loyalty and morals on social media.

Milee Ashwarya, Publisher Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing at Penguin Random House India says, ‘Cheaters by Novoneel Chakraborty is a quirky and a unique collection of short stories on human relationships. The stories are dark and edgy with a twist at the end. I am delighted that the book is getting turned into a web series. I think this will be a treat for all his fans!’

Rukun Kaul, Associate Vice President, Digital and Business Initiatives, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘Keeping content creation at the core, Penguin Random House India believes that books transitioning into films or a web series is a seamless move, with the potential to engage with a larger audience. Novoneel is one of our prized authors, and his books resonate well with people, the topics are relatable and his writing style keeps readers at the edge of their seats. We are excited to see the vision of the director to transport this thriller to the screen.’

Before Cheaters, Novoneel Chakraborty authored ten romantic thriller novels. He is a bestselling authors whose books have often featured in prominent reading lists of the Times of India, Amazon and Flipkart. Known for his twists, dark plots and strong female protagonists, Chakraborty is also called the Sidney Sheldon of India by his readers. Apart from novels, Novoneel has written and developed several TV shows such as Savdhaan India and Yeh Hai Aashiqui.

Novoneel says, ‘I am thrilled that Cheaters will be adapted into a web series because it is a very special book for me. I am grateful to Srikanth for lending his directorial vision to the project and the Miraj Group for backing it up with their faith. Looking forward to some exciting on-screen storytelling.’

The director of the series, Srikanth Velagaleti, who also wrote the 2011 Hindi film Utt Pataang, says, ‘I’m excited to adapt my vision of the quirky stories of Cheaters by Novoneel. I think they are intimately relatable tales that would resonate with the audience of today who binge-watch web content. My heartfelt thanks to Madan Paliwalji of the Miraj Group for his immense support and belief in the project and bringing it alive for me.’

Sonal Deshpande, Creative Director, Miraj Group, says, ‘Rarely do we come across such stories, which are not only relatable but also give us an opportunity to do some quality work. I’m both excited and happy to back Cheaters on behalf of the Miraj Group and look forward to a superlative adaptation of the tales in the book.’

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