Meet the econuts in the Green World

Editor | Children’s Books
Dewy, Woosh, Petals, Pebbles and Waggy call themselves the Econuts because they are simply nuts about ecology and the environment!
Learn all about the many ways in which you can help save Planet Earth in this series of story-and-activity books, aimed at generating ecological awareness through a mix of fiction, puzzles, games, activities and more.
The Mystery of the nasty grey cloud.
Woosh is very, very worried. There’s a nasty grey cloud that is making everyone sick. Where did it come from?
More importantly, how can they make it go away?
It sounds like a job for the Econuts!

The Mystery Of The Weird Noise
Petals keeps hearing a weird growly noise. Where is the noise coming from?
What is making it? Petals gets the Econuts together to track down the source of the noise.

The Mystery of the Strange Paw Prints
Waggy is puzzled. He’s noticed some strange paw prints around town. Whom do they belong to? Waggy and the Econuts decide to investigate. What they discover shocks them.
The Mystery of the Lost Waterfall
Dewy and her class are going on a picnic to a lovely waterfall. But when they get there, they find that the waterfall has gone missing!
Dewy gets the Econuts on the case at once.

The Mystery of the Plastic Rings
Pebbles finds some plastic rings buried in his garden. He has no idea what they are or where they came from.
Pebbles and the Econuts get together to find out, and they stumble upon something very scary. What do they discover and what do they do about it?

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