Adventures of Biplob the bumble bee

Editor | Children’s Fiction

Biplob is a very busy bumblebee. When he isn’t collecting nectar, he is off on rollicking adventures to save his garden with the help of his friends Farmer Balram and the flowers. From harvesting water to saving baby plants from a dangerous infection, Biplob comes up with innovative ideas that are always eco-friendly.
Here’s a collection of vibrantly illustrated stories that promise to teach kids something new through lessons on science and friendship.
About the author
Abhishek Talwar is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur. He runs a marketing firm and is the founder of Beanstring, India’s first social-rewards platform. The stories in this book were created by Abhishek for his children, Aditya and Avantika, to entertain and educate them while having loads of fun!

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