Day: February 13, 2019

Adventures of Biplob the bumble bee

Editor | Children’s Fiction Biplob is a very busy bumblebee. When he isn’t collecting nectar, he is off on rollicking adventures to save his garden with the help of his friends Farmer Balram and the flowers. From harvesting water to saving baby plants from a dangerous infection, Biplob comes up with innovative ideas that are

Love Factually: The Science of Who, How And Why We Love

Editor | Relationships Poets, philosophers and artists have been trying to explain romantic love for centuries, but it remains one of the most complex and intimidating terrains to navigate. Most people are afraid to be open and honest about their relationships – until now. For Love Factually, Laura Mucha has interviewed hundreds of strangers, from

How to be a ‘Besharam’ young Indian woman

Editor | Non-fiction Besharam is a book on young Indian women and how to be one, written from the author’s personal experience in several countries. It dissects the many things that were never explained to us and the immense expectations placed on us. It breaks down the taboos around sex and love and dating in