Essential Reads | Sarnath Banerjee takes a dip in Do Ab

Editor |Non-fiction

Why was the appreciation of gardens considered a symbol of Victorian aristocracy?

Whydo the Japanese find it easy to power-nap in public spaces?

Why did Charles Baudelaire ascribe Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s restless nocturnal wanderings to a pathological dread of returning home?

Why is a tense Gurgaon CEO hitting anxiety-laden golf balls into the night? Why was an obscure ninth-century Arab scholar’s library confiscated?

And what do any of these mean for the average person immersed in the ‘daily decathlon’ of life?

Employing a philosopher’s mind and an artist’s eye, Banerjee takes us to still places in a moving world, the place where two rivers (do ab) meet and forests write themselves into history.


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