Sitayana, reimagining Ramayana for our times

Editor | Non-fiction

Countless retellings, translations, and reworkings of the Ramayana’s captivating story exist-but none are as vivid, ingenious and powerful as Amit Majmudar’s Sitayana (Paperback | 256 pp | Rs 399).

Majmudar tells the story of one of the world’s most popular epics through multiple perspectives, presented in rapid sequence-from Hanuman and Ravana, down to even the squirrel helping Rama’s army build the bridge.

However, above all, Majmudar focuses on the fierce resistance of Sita, letting us hear her voice as we have never heard it before.

Bibek Debroy, economist and translator of the Mahabharata into English, called the effort a lyrical kaleidoscope.

Namita Gokhale, author, said Sitayana is a vibrant and vigorous reimagining of an ancient epic…and has the urgency of lived life.

What if the characters in the Ramayana could tell you their own stories?

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