Children, it is time Discover India, the Puffin way!

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Did you know that India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world? There are things about India that never show up in our history and geography books.

Every Indian state has its own colourful history and culture. India’s cities are not far behind. Many of them are the largest in the world.

They have their own special vibe, unique neighborhoods and a lifestyle and culture all their own.

So we decided to take you all on a journey into some of India’s main cities, along with three lovable characters – Daadu Dolma, Mishki and Pushka.

Choc-a-block with fun information and engaging activities, the Discover India series takes you on an incredible journey across India.

About Delhi Here We Come:

Get set to discover Delhi!


Mishki and Pushka are longing to explore Delhi. They have heard about its incredible history, its amazing food, thestunni ng monuments and the unique Delhi lifestyle. Daadu Dolma is finally taking them for a visit.

Are you going to join them?

Then keep your cameras ready and get set for a wonderful trip!

About Mumbai Here We Come:

Get set to discover Mumbai!

Daadu Dolma, Mishki and Pushka are off to explore Mumbai. They’ve heard so much about its amazing people, its film industry and itsbuzz of activity. They’re going to have some great adventures in the city that never sleeps, so be sure to join them.

Just get your backpac

k ready and plunge right in!.

About the Author:

Sonia Mehta is a children’s writer who believes that sparking off a child’s imagination opens up a world of adventure. She has been writing for children for over two decades. Her body of work is wide-ranging –  she created one of India’s first dedicated children’s newspaper sections; conceptualized the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest for TV; and has written books, songs, poems and stories for leading publishers in India, several African nations, the USA and the UK.

She lives in Mumbai and runs a Quadrum Solutions, a content company she co-founded. She is also the co-founder of PodSquad, a retail children’s edutainment brand that firmly believes that children learn best when they are having fun. Most days, Sonia can be found pounding away at her computer, when she is not playing with her dachshunds, the two little loves of her life.

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