The Girl Who Went to the Stars and Other Extraordinary Lives

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In our country, women have always had to fight extra hard for things that are the norm for their male counterparts. There will come a day when we do not have to talk exclusively about women’s stories, but we are still working hard to see that. Till then we hope to share stories that haven’t had a chance to be heard!”

The Girl Who Went to the Stars and Other Extraordinary Lives by Ishita Jain and Naomi Kundu is a collection of incredible stories that teach passion and courage. These Indian women followed their dreams, however difficult they seemed, and showed us that we can be anything we want to be.

So whether you’re a girl or a boy, big or small, short or tall-immerse yourself in the world of India’s most loved and admired women, who were once kids just like you!

Ishita Jain and Naomi Kundu are graduates of the National Institute of Design. They were classmates, room-mates and are the closest of friends, who hope to keep creating together. Their book encapsulates an unbelievable journey through outer space, the voice of a nightingale, a climb up the highest mountain in the world, a leader of the nation and lot more.

Naomi and Ishita said: “As two young designers and feminists, creating this book was an incredible learning experience. This is our first book, and we quickly learnt that drawing and writing are not too different at all! We spent a year delving into the lives of some truly remarkable Indian women. From artists to botanists to firefighters, we discovered something valuable in each woman’s story.”

About the authors

Ishita Jain lives in alternate realities. She loves to draw and is rarely seen without her sketchbook. She also loves to swim and hike, and has a mild obsession with squids. She hopes to travel the world and remember her adventures one journal at a time.

Naomi Kundu is a graphic designer and loves to combine her artistic talent with her interest in writing. She can spend hours playing with colour and has a deep love for theatrics. A collector of sparkly things, she dances, plays the piano and cannot live without chocolate!


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