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People in different countries speak different languages-and sometimes these languages have words that are untranslatable into English. So here’s Wonder Words, a lexicon of unique words from all over the world that have been beautifully illustrated. This book will open up your child’s world, making them aware of emotions, cultures and practices from far and beyond.

Wonder Words is a lavishly illustrated collection of untranslatable words, from far and beyond.

Based on a popular Instagram series by the well-known illustrator Rituparna Sarkar, the book features words in foreign languages that have no known synonym(s) in English. Each word is accompanied by a lush, gorgeous illustration that showcases the concept.

Rituparna told Arrackistan: “I often find myself ‘out of words’! More often than not, English doesn’t seem sufficient to express every emotion or situation I’m facing. Being a designer, that’s when I resort to doodling in fact.

In April 2017, I happened to be reading a book called ‘Hygge’ by Meik Wiking – and I came across the words Tokka and Tsundoku there, and they really sparked my interest. I realised there was a world of unique and interesting words which existed in every culture, including our own, waiting to be discovered.

The next couple of months were spent researching and building a whole roster of these so called ‘untranslatable’ words – that many would miss having in English and that became the theme for my entry to the Instagram based global art project #The100DayProject. I spent 100 days (and more) making quirky illustrations to explain these ‘wonder words’. The project was the springboard for this book, with yet more research and a host of original words and pictures added – and creating Wonder Words has been a source of great joy to me! “

After all, what’s better than re-discovering words in today’s emoji infested grammar-less world, asks Rituparna.

About the author

Rituparna is a graduate of the National Institute of Design in Animation Film Design and an entrepreneur running her own design studio for the last eight years, creating illustrations, designs and films for various brands. She likes colours, colourful people and stories and creating art by breaking away from all things digital and putting paint to paper. Her biggest strength is bucket loads of optimism on alternate days, and her biggest fear is that the evil Autocorrect will eventually take over Grammarland!

She is currently based in Bombay where she heads her own collaborative design studio called Visual Sarkarsm. She lives on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/rituparna/.

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