Month: December 2018

What explains Virat Kohli’s and India’s success?

By John Cheeran As the year ends, there is little doubt that India, Virat Kohli’s India, that is, is the best cricket team out there. And the loudest heard question in 2018, is this the best Indian team ever, has been answered, substantially, if not fully, in Australia; in Adelaide and Melbourne. All credit to

Rewriting the rules of doing business: Leap Frogging to Pole-Vaulting

Editor | Non-fiction An exhilarating manifesto for the future, this book convinces readers to make the shift from reactive leapfrogging to proactive pole-vaulting through radical transformation. The unique ‘3-4-7 framework’ demonstrates how a paralyzing mass of problems can be brought down to a formidable formula, thus making every problem solvable, no matter how big and

Catch the Magic in Mussoorie

Editor | Children’s Fiction Nakul Sahej and his friend Kuku stumble upon an antique book while on holiday in Mussoorie. The book turns out to be a magical one that transports the two back in time to the Mussoorie of over a century ago. Meeting historical personalities of that time-like Sir George Everest, who lives

Books For You: CRASH: Lessons from the entry and exit of CEOs

Editor | Business Management While many people talk about the path to the top of organizations, very few are honest about how difficult it is to stay at that position. R. Gopalakrishnan analyses the ‘software’ challenges, which leaders confront every day, and shares the insights he has gained developing, managing, investing in and supervising a

Did KL Rahul and M Vijay cost India Perth Test?

By John Cheeran For a fact, it is astounding that after two Tests, India is not trailing but on level terms with Australia in Australia. Doesn’t that feel good? India may have lost Perth Test by a big margin, 143 runs, but not many can blame them for lack of trying. But what then contributed

#Books For You | Masala Shakespeare: A love letter to Bollywood and India

Editor | Non-fiction Masala is a word that conjures up many associations. The word derives, through Urdu and Persian, from the Arabic ‘masalih’—ingredients. To a westerner, it immediately suggests exotic eastern spices. In its most widespread metaphorical use in India, it means embellishment or exaggeration. It also means a mixture—originally a mixture of ground spices,

Penguin to publish ‘God of Sin’, book on Asaram Bapu

By A Correspondent New Delhi: Penguin has announced the release of God of Sin: The Cult, The Clout and Downfall of Asaram Bapu by Ushinor Majumdar. The book faced opposition and its publication was challenged in court. The court has refused to stay publication and has allowed the book to be released. Overcoming these challenges,

Essential Reads: Ayodhya: City Of Faith, City Of Discord

Editor | Non-fiction Ayodhya: City of Faith, City of Discord is the first comprehensive biography of a sleepy city in northern India, which has been a place of reverence for many faiths for millennia, but has also been a place of violence, bloodshed and ill-will. Ayodhya lodged itself permanently in the national consciousness with the