Peasants At A Party: Don’t miss these tales of contemporary corporate life

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If I hadn’t read O Henry, I would have appreciated Sona Maniar’s tales of contemporary corporate life, Peasants At A Party And Other Stories, even more.

What unites these 18 short, short stories is the lust for life that courses through them. Corporate life is largely believed to be process oriented and these men and women would love to steer clear of nasty surprises such as a meltdown as in the case of a Goldman Sachs, for example. But, then, they are often seen careening on a course of self-destruction, taking one too many gambles in love and money making, to be turned into dust again. The hijinks go on.

Maniar, a chemical engineer from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA graduate from INSEAD (France), jolts with you both happenstance as well twists of fate to cleave you with that perfect ending. Most of the time it works. Some times it does not, but that should not take away from this gifted writer’s attempts at building an alternative universe in which to hold experiments in human foibles and emotions.

These slices of life from corporate life are easy to digest, told in a crisp and accessible language, leaving little for ambiguity. Lust, possession, avarice, fidelity and guilt get their treatment at Maniar’s fictional massage table.

If there is one aspect Maniar could work on, that would be the interiority of the characters that she has drawn in quick but deft strokes. That skill would bloom as she goes along in the days to come.

Maniar is currently working in strategy for a large engineering conglomerate. Writing and sketching are amongst her favourite hobbies. Her short fiction has appeared in print and online magazines usch as Litro, Foliate Oak Literary Journal, Woman’s Era, Jellyfish Review, Scarlet Lef Review, Quail Bell Magazine, etc.




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