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Bang! Thump! Crash! Who’s the wizard of the woeful, the foremost lord of the foul-up, the bumbling baron of blunders? Of course, it’s Butterfingers. Even when Amar Kishen-better known as Butterfingers-isn’t stumbling through misadventures, he sure has disaster tailing him every step of the way.

And now that he’s back, his ‘brilliant’ ideas land him in trouble (as usual), whether it’s messing around with an Egyptian mummy, dropping a watch in a swimming pool, playing cricket with an all-girls team or saving a rock star’s life. Join the irrepressible Butterfingers in this exciting and enjoyable instalment of side-splitting short stories.

Of course, it’s Butterfingers!, the sixth book in the Butterfingers series by Khyrunnisa A, prize-winning author of children’s fiction, is now out.  Khyrunnisa has created the popular comic character Butterfingers for the children’s magazine Tinkle.

Her books in the Butterfingers series are Howzzat Butterfingers!, Goal, Butterfingers!, Clean Bowled, Butterfingers!, The Misadventures of Butterfingers, Run, It’s Butterfingers Again! and Of Course It’s Butterfingers!.

Khyrunnisa says: “Butterfingers hits a six! I am as excited about the sixth book in the series as I was about the first five. There’s a Butterfingers in every one of us, with a yen for fun and a penchant for triggering off comical disasters, and I’m delighted the series has struck a chord among the readers.”

Mithali Raj, Captain, Women’s National Cricket team, said: “Like a good game of Cricket, book keeps you hooked till the very end!”

Shashi Tharoor, MP and former Union minister, says: “The imaginative world conjured by Khyrunnisa in the Butterfingers stories is charming, witty and boisterous, full of good-humoured mischief and benign fun, stylishly and effortlessly evoked through the clear-eyed magic of her captivating prose.

“Through the Butterfingers series, Khyrunnisa has made possible the advent of a genuinely popular children’s literature in Indian writing in English with hilarious, believable experiences couched in fluent and entertaining language.

“With sports at the heart of many stories, the Butterfingers books are delightful and make school sound like so much fun. Khyrunnisa’s Butterfingers is a gift to the children of our nation.”

About the author

Khyrunnisa A., prize-winning author of children’s fiction, loves reading, writing and children. She created the popular comic character Butterfingers for the children’s magazine Tinkle. Some of her stories, for children and for adults, have been published in various anthologies. A collection, Lost in Ooty and Other Adventure Stories, was brought out in 2010. Her stories appear regularly in Dimdima and she has an ongoing fortnightly column, Inside View, in The Hindu MetroPlus. Khyrunnisa worked as associate professor of English at All Saints’ College, Thiruvananthapuram, and is now a full-time writer.

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