Charles Sobhraj: Inside the Heart of the Bikini Killer

Editor | Non-fiction

Charles Sobhraj: Inside the Heart of the Bikini Killer provides glimpses of Charles Sobhraj—the notorious serial killer—without the glitz and trappings lent to his image by media reports. It is not the cold, calculated ‘Bikini Killer’ we find here, but a balding man worried about his failing health; a man who requests the doctor to put off his surgery for a few days because he is afraid; a frail man who bursts into tears when he learns the operation has only a slim chance of success.

Candidly narrated by the doctor who had initially refused to treat a criminal like Charles, this book explores the ethical dilemmas and the choices we have to make to remain true to ourselves.

About the author

Raamesh Koirala is a renowned cardiac surgeon in Nepal. He writes in leading newspapers and is known for his sharp views on current issues, mainly on public health and politics. He is a known literary figure in his home country with two popular books, Aama Ko Mutu and Kopila Ashram, to his name.

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