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Patrick Ness, the multi-award-winning author of A Monster Calls takes the classic story of Moby Dick and turns the world upside down, creating a haunting and powerful modern myth.

As with all Patrick’s novels, each one defies genre and takes a new and surprising turn and his next book is no exception. Inspired by Moby Dick, this stunning reimagining takes the perspective of the whale, turning the world upside down so the land of men becomes the abyss, and the ocean floor is their sky. Examining the power of prophecy and the relentless and hopeless nature of war, this modern fable will have much to examine for young people and adults alike.

Call me Bathsheba

The whales of Bathsheba’s pod live for the hunt. Led by the formidable Captain Alexandra, they fight a never-ending war against men. Then the whales attack a man ship, and instead of easy prey they find the trail of a myth, a monster, perhaps the devil himself… With their relentless Captain leading the chase, they embark on the final hunt, one that will forever change the worlds of whales and men.

With gorgeous artwork from Australian illustrator Rovina Cai, this is a haunting and immersive tale of power and obsession that turns the story of Moby Dick upside down.

About the author

Patrick Ness is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Chaos Walking trilogy, A Monster Calls, More Than This, The Rest of Us Just Live Here and Release. John Green has described him as “an insanely beautiful writer”. He has won every major prize in children’s fiction, including the Carnegie Medal twice. He has written the screenplay for the film of A Monster Calls and the BBC Doctor Who spin-off, Class. The first Chaos Walking film is slated for release in 2019. He has appeared on many major broadcast outlets including BBC Breakfast, This Morning, The Wright Stuff, BBC Radio 2 with Simon Mayo, and BBC Radio 4’s Open Book and The Today Programme. He lives in London.

ROVINA CAI creates illustrations that evoke a sense of intrigue and she is often inspired by the past. From myths and fairy-tales to gothic novels, she loves stories that bring a little bit of magic and wonder to the present day. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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